Joanne Morris Smith

Consultant Chartered Psychologist / EMDR Europe Child Trainer

Date: Friday 29 & Saturday 30 September 2023
Venue: Royal Marine Hotel, Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin (In Person Training)
Cost: €350 for two day training

This EMDR Europe Accredited Level 2 Child & Adolescent Training aims to extend and deepen the knowledge of how to use EMDR with children and adolescents with complex traumatisation and developmental trauma disorders. 

It is open to therapists who have completed EMDR Europe Accredited Level 1 Child & Adolescent training as well have having completed full EMDR basic training.


The training will consider the changing needs of children at different developmental stages, from 2 – 16 years of age and how the basic EMDR protocol may be adapted to address these needs. Differences between adults and children in their responses to the EMDR process will also be considered, together with how to assess these responses in children. Determining when the use of EMDR is, and is not, an appropriate and safe therapeutic process to use with children will be explored, as well as how to screen for potential hazards, including issues such as attachment disorders and dissociation. Timing of EMDR in the therapeutic process will also be considered.

By means of video demonstration and case examples, participants will learn how to apply EMDR with children who have experienced past traumatic events such as road traffic accidents, bereavement, fire, and hospitalisation, as well as its application with domestic violence and specific phobias. The use of EMDR with children who have experienced prolonged difficulties; including bullying, bed-wetting, and nightmares will also be discussed. There will also be an introduction to the use of EMDR with multiple and severe and complex traumas in childhood. Participants are encouraged to bring with them any relevant case material they might wish to discuss, since ample time will be allowed for both troubleshooting and for case consultation of existing or potential clients. 


Joanne Morris-Smith, Consultant Chartered Psychologist and EMDR Europe Child Trainer, has been working in Clinical Child Psychology for the last 41 years and has worked in a number of large teaching hospitals. She is an EMDR Europe Accredited Child Trainer and also as an EMDR Institute Facilitator.  She founded and chaired the EMDR Europe Child Section Committee for 18 years and been incorporating EMDR into her clinical practice for the last 26 years.  A former Deputy Director of the Traumatic Stress Clinic, Joanne founded and runs a similar Child Trauma Clinic for Surrey & Borders NHS FT, which has been running since 1995. She also works in private practice and has been teaching EMDR in Europe for over 20 years. She has presented a number of papers on the subject at international conferences and edited and Occasional Paper of Association of Child Psychology and Psychiatry entitled EMDR: Clinical Applications with Children. No.19. January 2002. She is also co-author of “EMDR for the Next Generation: Healing Children & Families. She has been awarded prizes from The Pierre Janet Centre, University of Lorraine is an Honorary Member of the EMDR UK Association and was awarded the David Sevan-Schreiber Award by EMDR Europe in 2020 for her numerous contributions and outstanding achievements in the field of EMDR.

**EMDR Level 2 Child & Adolescent (In Person) Training

will be held in Royal Marine Hotel, Dun Laoghaire, Dublin

on Friday 29 & Saturday 30 September 2023


EMAIL:   sonjia@openmindscentre.ie
TELEPHONE:   01 902 5020 / 086 189 3865