Johnny attended the NGH Certified Instructor Training (CI) taught by Ron Eslinger, CMI, BCH, FNGH, April 19-24, 2017.  Johnny proved to be an amazing hypnotist who chose to share his experience and love of helping others by becoming a Certified Instructor of Hypnosis endorsed by the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH).  I was lucky enough to be the NGH Certified Master Instructor he chose to take his training with. 

He is a funny and captivating presenter, yet very thorough and can be serious when it comes to learning, studying and practising. With a solid base of knowledge and experience in psychology and hypnosis, he has a gift in working with people. Johnny is an accomplished clinical hypnotist with the experience and knowledge to mentor a student to be the best hypnotist they can be. 

Johnny is a trusted and dynamic individual who maintains control under the most stressful of circumstances.  His ability to think on his feet and make independent decisions cannot be overstated. His motivation, personality, intellect, and common sense make him an excellent instructor of hypnosis. He brings the success of his experience to the classroom.

Johnny has the motivation, ability, background, clinical skills, and integrity to develop the best in a new hypnotist. If you are considering hypnosis/hypnotherapy or becoming a professional hypnotist, I strongly recommend Johnny Moran as the instructor to prepare you.

Michael R. Eslinger

Owner of American School of Clinical Hypnosis a Healthy Visions Company