The fundamental principle of the emotional and physical training techniques and beliefs behind our MOR Wins© Programme, developed by our clinical director Johnny Moran, involves accessing and maintaining connections to the para sympathetic nervous system.

We believe Body and Mind, physical and mental conditioning and training must be addressed individually and aspects integrated uniquely. Belief systems in the mind need to be embedded emotionally respecting and understanding each individual. Your sporting brain is represented by your nervous system which links your mind and body.

Coming to sports psychology, motivated by lifelong love of sports with a professional background as a trained and accredited Psychotherapist, Johnny was struck by mantras of successful sports psychology and what he observed expressed in common stressed obsession among professionals and elite sports individuals and elite teams to constantly get that extra edge and to work towards never ending goals and process for continuous improvement and excellence.

In reflecting back on his own uneventful sporting career Johnny observed his best performances were left on the training ground or in non-critical games leading to the realisation he was so hyped up and activated that he played from his sympathetic nervous system which undermined both his physical and mental contribution to his performance. Critically it also took away from joy and pleasure, love of sport in its ultimate expression that of performance and execution.

Later in analysing and listening to professional athletes’ universal acceptance from individual and team sports on the common proven principles which support high performance, what jumped out for Johnny was the emotional state requirements for different sports were not necessarily exclusive to that sport but for him obviously contained aspects that were individual and unique to the individual athlete’s unique personality including embedded beliefs.

The Mor Wins© programme evolved out of researching and observing how such common mantras, conscious expressed beliefs impact individuals in their deeper sub consciousness and in preparation for key moments of performance and execution.

Our belief is in accessing the para sympathetic – the individual accesses calmer, clearer focus and concentration. More natural movement results in more efficient use of breath and muscle.  Access to more efficient natural movement generates greater physical and mental efficiency, productivity. This also facilitates improved mental clarity, calmness and confidence.

Taking two elite teams or individuals with same skill sets, same elite fitness level and physical conditioning our hypothesis is that the team and individual that spends more time in the para sympathetic will have more in the tank and will outperform and will come out on top in critical incidents and moments. Critically this individual will be in a position to access and maintain access ideal performance state.

While Breath work supports accessing and maintaining the para sympathetic connection, our required physical supporting programme of exercises have the potential to also support increases in lung capacity.