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Starting Monday 6th November at 19:00h

Our five-week training programme will consist of four one-hour sessions and a final two-hour session which will teach you how to create a body and mind that feels more connected, balanced and integrated. Our practices and techniques are practical, relevant, and very easily accessible and repeatable. The goals for our programme are to support you in creating regular, simple, every day habits that assist you living your life with greater clarity, energy and ease. Moving you in the direction of being free from anxiety, experiencing deeper sleep, increased energy while opening you to develop and tap into and explore your own skills and capacities.

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Mental Health & Wellbeing in the Workplace in 2017 – Thursday 1st June 2017: 08:30h to 10:00h – COMPLETED

An introductory seminar on the important topic of wellness in the workplace. Stress in all its manifestations is the key cause of absenteeism in the workplace and companies are increasingly recognising the value of supporting staff wellbeing and identifying issues before they become problems – Presented by: Monica Haughey

Introduction to Clinical EMDR – Thursday 8th June 2017 – 08:30h to 10:00h – COMPLETED

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) has been successful in treating psychological trauma for a wide-ranging number of conditions from sexual abuse, physical abuse or neglect, surgical trauma, road traffic and workplace accidents.  It can also be extremely effective treatment or part of an integrative approach for a wide range of issues including pain management, anxiety, panic attacks, phobias and depression – Presented by: Johnny Moran

Introduction to Clinical Hypnotherapy Course – Thursday 29th June 2017: 08:30h to 10:00h – COMPLETED

Clinical Hypnotherapy is effective as part of an integrative approach for pain management, smoking cessation and weight loss. It can also be useful in treating other issues including phobias, insomnia, depression, anxiety and stress – Presented by: Johnny Moran