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Pain Management

Traditionally the treatment of pain has focused on a biomedical approach. Following diagnosis this may follow a path of treatment based around  medication. While medication can be very helpful there are other ways you can tackle pain intensity. Changing your thoughts by reprogramming your subconscious mind can be extremely powerful. If you have every felt that your activities or social life or working life has been restricted by pain these are some of the areas in which you can see a difference by targeting your belief systems. Additionally, if you are experiencing frustration or anger with respect to your pain these are common emotions that can be dealt with quickly and effectively so that you begin to feel that you are in control of your pain rather than it controlling you. We will introduce you to evidence based literature showing the power of language on pain perception. We will demonstrate some simple pain management strategies which can help you to feel more positive, have the confidence to do more day to day and which can help you to manage your pain intensity.

Did you know that an astonishing 5-10% of men and 18-25% of women suffer with migraines worldwide. This talk will introduce you to an alternative approach to managing migraine which is relaxing and effective. Medications often provide an immediate solution for migraine but what if you could decrease the frequency of your migraines, reduce the severity and the duration and all with no negative side effects? If this appeals to you then this talk is a must. You will be introduced to a novel approach to tackling migraine where your thoughts are directed in a way that you can experience many or all of these benefits. You will be introduced to case studies of people who have gone from spending much of their time in a dark room because of chronic migraine to living their lives to the full.

Have you ever wondered about hypnosis and if it really is effective? This introductory talk is a great opportunity to learn more about how hypnosis works and the clinical trials which have proven it’s efficacy for a number of ailments including acute and chronic pain. Don’t worry, we won’t dwell too much on the science. While scientific evidence is important, perhaps what is equally important is to understand how something works.   We will walk you through the process involved in hypnosis and dispel any misconceptions and myths.