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Training Courses for Managers

This one day course is designed to provide participants with the opportunity to develop an increased awareness of boundaries, learn about the importance of flexibility alongside the need for limits and how they might support staff to navigate and balance competing demands.  This is particularly important in a context where employees are encouraged to take control over their own work schedules whilst managing busy workloads.

Effective communication is an essential component of an efficient and high performance work environment.  Whether verbal, non-verbal or written, the ability to exchange information or ideas is crucial and poor communication can be destructive with regard to both personal and professional relationships.  This one day course addresses the issue of how to communicate well and will assist participants develop further their ability to convey or request information and improve their overall communication skills.

This one day course will address Mental Health issues and identify the tools and skills needed to address difficulties that arise in the workplace.

This one day course deals with the more complex and serious mental health issues which arise in the workplace, especially around suicide.  Issues dealt with will seek to further develop managers understanding of mental health, managing risk and the important aspect of self-care.

A good leader is able to translate a vision into reality and is in tune with the needs of the business and the employees.  They can manage, motivate and influence people to give their very best.  Whilst some of the traits of leadership can be innate, much can be gained from training leaders in the skills and competencies of excellent leadership.  This course will support your managers to become more aware, creative and engaged leaders who ultimately will lead to a dynamic and high functioning team.

It is now widely recognised that it is the culture within an organisation that will influence employee engagement, wellbeing and performance.  Without a healthy and thriving culture, business may stagnate, employees underperform and business productivity reduces.  This course looks at key components of creating a thriving workplace culture.  It will both inform and provide opportunities for managers to develop own skills in building a thriving future.

Training Courses for Employees

This workshop is designed for all staff and recognises that the workplace is demanding for most people, as companies grow and develop and communication becomes increasingly fast paced.  Employees can benefit hugely from the opportunity to look at their busy schedules and how they might support themselves and their team to manage their workloads more efficiently, achieve more satisfaction and be more productive.

Whilst we all experience emotions, at times it can be hard to deal with them, especially while at work and with our colleagues.  It is now widely recognised that emotion is a way of tracking what is going on for us, but often we need to learn to manage this so we can continue to be professional in our place of work.  We can’t give them free reign nor can we let them run wild.  This workshop looks at the field of emotions and how they might be stirred at work, whether in conversation, emails, meetings or working on a project with a colleague.

Customer Service, especially those receptionists on the front line of any Health Care setting, is vitally important.  Those coming to seek a service are generally feeling vulnerable, anxious, concerned, worried and need information, support and direction.  These interactions are generally in the context of high volumes of patients and the challenge of competing demands from different stake holders such as Consultants, Nursing Staff and Relatives.  This course aims to improve and enhance Service Delivery, thus ensuring Patients, Relatives and the Medical Team are better served and that Operations run more effectively and efficiently.

Work can already be demanding in itself but struggling with managing the demands of being a parent alongside this can be particularly challenging.  This course lets employees and managers look at these issues and how they might achieve a better balance.