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Open Minds Centre Training and Courses

An organisations most important resource is its people.  Our passion is to provide training and facilitation to support teams and managers to fully utilise these resources so not only do they work more effectively but people feel valued and happy to be part of your organisation.  We believe that if employees and managers are listened to, supported in identifying obstacles and issues (whether internal or external) and given the skills and information to address these issues, the workplace will be more effective, competitive and your business will thrive.

Some of the typical courses we run include managing stress in the workplace, building resilience, how to improve communication, how to promote better work life balance and in general how we can make you and your teams more effective, clearer about your purpose and ultimately create in partnership a happier, more effective and competitive work environment.

Our approach is to meet and talk with your key people around the issues they perceive need to be addressed.  We then formulate a proposal for your approval and we then deliver the training.  this can be done here on site, in your own business premises or online, as required.

Key features of Open Minds Centre training are:

  1. Highly experienced trainers and facilitators
  2. Training is devised with the unique needs of your staff group in mind
  3. Range of interventions which can be adapted to the needs of your workplace

Our training is of benefit as:

  1. It addresses key issues that are arising in the workplace
  2. It provides an opportunity to upskill Managers and Employees in areas they require whether it be communication skills, identifying mental health issues in the team and supporting wellness in your team
  3. Communication and a sense of team work is always promoted and supported
  4. Staff feels listened to and involved and more aligned with their workplace
  5. Managers will feel more empowered and confident if supported with developing the skills they need in their work
  6. Teams will work more efficiently if they are being managed and supported effectively

Alongside the training do have a look at our EAP services which offers a full and comprehensive service of your companies needs. It generally comprises of both 1-1 counselling for employees and training as required. This can be adapted and adjusted according to your own company requirements.

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How we work at OMC

  • Our integrative approach is tailored to individuals, groups and employees
  • We only provide accredited and qualified Therapists, Trainers and Consultants
  • OMC is a standalone clinic with individual and group therapy rooms and training room